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The Benefits of a Pet Friendly Community Lifestyle



"Pets encourage people to know their neighbors

and be involved in Community activities"

A Pet Friendly Community is a Great Place to Live. Studies show that having a pet improves quality of life, from childhood through the elder years. With 69.1 million pet owners in the United States and pet spending having reached $38.4 billion in 2006, it is no surprise that Pet Friendly people look for Pet Friendly Communities when buying a home. The secret power of pets is an amazing thing. Here are a few other great things pets do to enrich our lives, and the Communities we call home.

Pets enrich our lives with their personalities and provide reliable, faithful companionship
Pets accept their owners without judgment
Pets fill the void when there are no children at home
Pets provide a safe feeling, when walking outdoors alone
Pets encourage people to know their neighbors and be involved in Community activities

Pets help reduce stress and control high blood pressure
Pet owners visit the doctor LESS frequently than non pet owners*
Pet owners spent an average of more time outside with their dogs*
Pets motivate people to become more physically active, and strengthening the heart, muscles, improving blood circulation
Pets help people have greater well-being and lessen depression
Pets encourage the elderly to be more independent
Pets help the handicapped overcome withdrawal and stroke victims recover speech without being held-back by self-consciousness
Pets can lower medical costs by reducing hospitalization recovery times**


Pets promote higher self-esteem and improved social skills in children
Pets are viewed as peers to children
Pets teach children about responsibility, animal behavior and death.
Pets can act as faithful, reliable confidants for children
Pets teach children gentleness, patience and kindness
Pets help develop non-verbal communication skills and trusting relationships with others
Pets teach children how to respect other living things
Pets encourage physical activity in children
Pets have been linked to boosted immune systems and better school attendance rates***

Whether it be for your Health, Mind, or your Children, having a pet gives you more benefits than you ever thought.  The Pet Realty Network™ can help you find a Pet Friendly Real Estate Agent, Property or Community today! 


*According to a 1990 study by Judith Siegel from The University of California
**According to a 1998 study by the University of British Columbia

***According to a Warwick University study by Dr. June McNicholas


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