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"Do not be afraid to compare rates – and all the costs associated with obtaining your Mortgage.  It costs nothing to telephone a number of Lenders and have a list of questions available."

You may be one the fortunate people that do not need a Mortgage to purchase the perfect Pet Friendly property.  Then you can spend the time you would spend shopping (yes, shopping) for a mortgage pampering your pet.  However, for the majority of people looking to purchase a home or business a mortgage is a very important part of the process.

You may already know the perfect mortgage broker, banker or member of the family that is ready, willing and able to offer you a mortgage at an exceptional interest rate and the terms you require. There are also excellent Web sites with a wealth of mortgage information, including mortgage calculators enabling you to get an idea of what you can afford.  But please remember, for every one trustworthy Lender, there are probably ten scam artists waiting in the wings to have you sign your life away with the promise of incredible rates, no deposit, no payments for months and the list goes on until the day comes that you must begin to pay the true cost of the mortgage that was lost in the mountains of paperwork that you did not read but instead were dreaming about the color of the kitchen cabinets and what changes you would make in the living room.

The Pet Realty Network™ is not a Mortgage Broker and does not claim to be able to find the Company that will give you a Mortgage that has low interest, no closing costs and if you miss a payment the company will understand.  If Mortgage companies promise you the most amazing terms and conditions, please read the small print and ask plenty of questions.  If it sounds too good to be true, start seeking independent professional advice. confirmed that Mortgage fraud is on the rise with seniors and first-time home buyers most at risk.  It confirms that Mortgage fraud is one of the fastest growing white collar crimes according to the FBI with reports more than quadrupling since 2001.

Do not be afraid to compare rates – and all the costs associated with obtaining your Mortgage.  It costs nothing to telephone a number of Lenders and have a list of questions available.  Better yet once you have made the initial contact Email the questions to the Lender so you have a paper trail of their responses.  Why pay unnecessary costs when you could be using the extra money for that new collar and lead, pet bed or the pet gourmet treats that caught your pet’s eye?  The wrong Mortgage or Loan can end up costing you money that would be better spent on your family and pets.

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